Clearwater Advantage is a business growth consultancy supporting high-potential companies in meeting the challenges of the next stage of growth

Successful businesses know what the secrets of success are.  They have a good product, an identified market, a good team, financial backing and they know where they are going.  But there comes a point in the growth cycle when doing more of the same doesn’t work as well as it used to. 

Growth can itself become part of the problem: as a company grows it becomes more complex, with many sources of internal friction, leading to impaired performance and ultimately disappointed customers and reduced profit. 
A business needs to evolve as it grows if it is to maintain its successful record and Clearwater Advantage’s approach, based on the three core areas of Strategy, Organisation and Performance, can help tip the balance back in favour of success.
The Clearwater Advantage approach is based on first-hand experience of managing and supporting engineering and technology SMEs in transition to deliver significant growth and shareholder value.